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Your Q & A Sessions

These Q & A sessions are for those who are working with ‘The Seven Simple Shifts’

Using ‘The 7 Shifts method’

In one of our offerings.

The reason why it is limited to those working with The Seven Simple Shifts is because our work empowers you to live in A New Way of Living. To see life from an entirely new perspective. It moves you away from the old blame game where we lived in victimhood and plants you firmly in a life where you live from the heart, living on purpose, waking up every morning raring to go and going to bed each night feeling happy and fulfilled with the day you’ve had. It pits you front and centre as it boosts your Self-Love to a whole new high.

Once you start to work with us all roads lead to ‘The shifts’.

All problems are worked out through ‘The Shifts’.

Our language refers to ‘The Shifts’.

When you feel stuck we go back to ‘The Shifts’.

And ‘The 7 Shifts Method’ is the vehicle.

With that in mind if you have not started to work with us, if you do not know what the shifts are, not understanding their true power we may be talking different languages, where you may not fully understand what we are really trying to convey.

Once you sign up for any of our offering: The Blueprint, The Awakening Series or The V.I.P. Transformational Life Coaching you become eligible to join us for the monthly Q& A sessions where you can ask us anything that is on your mind and we will answer you from the perspective of The Shifts to help you incorporate what you have learnt into your lives.

Welcome to A New Way of Living!