Getting Started

Welcome to the Tribe

The tribe is free and here to support you on your journey to spiritual awakening. Our deepest commitment is to help you embody your awakening; our work empowers you to bring the highest frequency of who you are into your entire being.

This is true freedom, being an awakened being, grounded fully in the body and radiating from within into the world. Where you are free to create a life you totally love

For so many of us, we’ve been trained to shrink ourselves. To diet. To keep silent. To not ask for what we want. To be mild and meek. To downplay our emotions. To do it all. To keep it all together. To never falter. To be perfect. But what our heart truly yearns for, is to be the wild, embodied, perfectly imperfect beings we came here to be

What is a spiritual awakening?

The spiritual awakening journey is about returning to our centre, our zero point. It is a coming home to our True Self.

It is Self-Love!

It is learning that Self-First is not Selfish but Self-Love

When we have learnt to turn inwards to focus on us as the creator of our universes and when we place Self-Love as the most important aspect of our lives. Only then will we truly be able to look outwards again with a heart overfilled with our own love, now able to help others and be of service as an awakened or enlightened being.

Who is the Tribe for?

The tribe is for anyone who is ready to take control of their lives. To create and live a life where they are deeply loved and fulfilled, outrageously happy, and have the confidence and mojo to create and receive all the miracles life has to offer!

It is for those just beginning their journey as well as seasoned journyers. Contrary to its popular depiction, spiritual awakening isn’t like hiking up an ascending mountain, instead, it’s comparable to an undulating journey taken through a series of rippling hills and valleys as we continuously return to revisit old wounds previously thought healed to deepen our understanding.

Awakening can be lonely

Many people experience loneliness during spiritual awakening.

But as a Tribe member you are never alone!

  • We can sometimes feel lonely because

    we suddenly find that our perceptions are no longer aligned with others. We can't seem to relate to our friends and family anymore.

    Our priorities have suddenly change.

    We can feel frustration with others thinking why won't they just wake up?

    Sometimes we simply have found ourselves with no one to turn to.

  • In the Tribe we are a family of likeminded beings here to support each other. To grow together and encourage each other. To hold each other’s hand when things are tough and to collectively celebrate when things are good.

    We would say

    If you have found yourself here it is not by accident.

    You have found a home.

    Welcome to Your Tribe

    What does the Tribe offer?

    Here in the Tribe no matter where you are in your journey you can find something for you.


    Live crystal sound meditations twice per month


    Live teachings and energy updates monthly

    Q & A sessions

    Available once per month for those who are working on 'The Seven Simple Shifts'

    Our community platform

    For us all to communicate, help and support each other

    Our resource library

    Packed full of audios, videos and teachings all for you

    Savings and discounts

    Discounts on all of our offerings designed to help you move forward on your journey at whatever depth and pace suits you best.

    All our offerings are crafted from our proprietary ‘The 7 Shifts Method’ which was created to best help you discover, understand, assimilate, and then finally embody The Seven Simple Shifts. Your vehicle or roadmap to your awakening

    The Seven Simple Shifts

    The Seven Simple Shifts are seven guided, empowering, personal, makeovers that help you to take back your power. Together they teach you to access yourself in a whole new way. To put yourself first without being selfish. To finally break out of your old self-limiting moulds, to pursue your dreams with vigour and excitement. They give you the self-confidence to be able to explore relationships from a standpoint of power and strength totally in control knowing who YOU are, what YOU want, and what YOU value. Ultimately they empower you to gracefully step forward in the world confident and powerful, being at peace with whatever presents in your life.

    The 7 Shifts Method

    The Seven Simple Shifts are seven guided, empowering, personal, makeovers that help you to take back your power. Together they teach you to access yourself in a whole new way. To put yourself first without being selfish. To finally break out of your old self-limiting moulds, to pursue your dreams with vigour and excitement. They give you the self-confidence to be able to explore relationships from a standpoint of power and strength totally in control knowing who YOU are, what YOU want, and what YOU value. Ultimately they empower you to gracefully step forward in the world confident and powerful, being at peace with whatever presents in your life.

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    So, let’s look at a few discoveries from ‘The 7-Shifts Method’ that are instrumental in helping you shift

    I love Me, I love me Not

    We will never make lasting change if we are running away from what we don’t want. We will only be able to hold onto these changes if our motivation is something we are running towards. Another way of saying this is change comes from love not fear. If our focus is on hating the situation we are trying to change and from that energy we are trying to force change, it will prove difficult. If we make the Shift and instead fall in love with what we are seeking, yes, before we have actually acquired it. When our focus shifts from hate or fear to love, change gets easier and long lasting.

    Choosing Me before We

    We must make change a conscious choice. So often we just fall into things. Which is different from going with the flow or following your intuition. I am referring here about doing the same old thing day in, day out without taking the time to really look inwards, to see what we are doing, how we are feeling, to discover what we really want and where we are going. And then we are surprised when nothing changes. To change we must make a conscious choice to make a shift in our reality. If you want to make a change you must be ready and willing to change.

    Having the audacity to be You

    Following on from that, to make a conscious change to transform your reality you must first be aware of where you are and where you want to go. And yes, I know this destination is always changing, forever shifting as our task and purpose in life is found in our journey and not our destination. That being said, at any given moment for our life to feel on purpose we need to have a destination point, no matter how fleeting it may be. It is always surprising to me when I ask my students or clients to describe their perfect day how often they can’t. Can you right now without much deliberation describe your perfect day, with detail and feeling?

    And More

    So, we just touched the surface of the essence of the first 3 of the 7 shifts. Shifts 4 and 5 help you shift your relationship with yourself and others around you. They quiet that constant nagging voice in your head. They teach you how to only compare you to you. These two are big shifts, that when embodied stop you from worrying about what other people think of you. Leaving you to focus entirely on you.

    ‘The 7-Shifts Method’ teaches Self-Love and guides you step by step to get there. It shows you that Self-First is not Selfish it is Self-Love. It puts you front and centre in your life and teaches you how to live a Self-First life.

    ‘The 7-Shifts Method’

    Awakens your personal power from inside to out,

    Puts you first

    and front and centre in your life

    Gives you all that you need to create a life you totally love

    From Self-Acceptance to Self-Love, so that you can wake up every feeling alive and on purpose and go to bed each night feeling happy and fulfilled

    What makes ‘The 7- Shifts Method’ different

    Any one of the shifts on their own could be sold as a powerful course or workshop and they all have been. What sets this method apart is the unique combination and progression of all 7 of the shifts. Together they create something powerful, something different, something new!

    This proprietary method from the start takes you step by step from identifying where you are now to discovering where you want to be. And then we will show you how to get there. We guide you step by step through each of the 7 shifts, empowering you to embrace change and teaching you how to master the creativity of manifestation. Allowing you to craft a new again and again, creating the life of your choosing. A life you totally love!

    How do you access ‘The 7-Shifts Method’?

    We have 3 ways for you to discover, understand and embody ‘The 7 shifts Method’

    Our 3 Offerings

    Our 1st Offering ‘The blueprint’

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  • The Blueprint is for those who just want to test the waters, to dip their toes in, and those who like to discover things on their own and at their own pace.

    This e-course is the backbone of all 3 of our offerings. It is a Self-directed 7-module comprehensive e-course that teaches you The Seven Simple shifts.

    Each module will dive into 1 shift and contains:

    • Recorded teaching

    • Written lessons

    • Videos and or audios to reinforce the new concepts you are acquiring

    • As well as tasks to do each week to help assimilate the concepts of that particular shift into your daily life

    It is self-directed so it’s really up to you how you approach it. On average each module could take between 30 minute and 1 hour. But that totally depends on how you decide to work with the material. You can do it in small chunks over many weeks or simply binge it all in a weekend as long as you are comfortable it will work for you.

    The Blueprint overview

    Module #1


    Creating your perfect day

    If you’re like most people, you have a lot of clarity about what you don’t want. Now you need to balance the scales and find a stronger sense of knowing about what it is you do want and firmly place your focus and energy there.

    Clarity about what you desire keeps you moving toward it, and gives you focus as we move forward on our journey together.

    Module #2

    Shift #1

    Telling yourself ‘I love you’ as often as is possible

    In this shift you will learn the most powerful tool in our toolbox, that putting yourself first is not Selfish it is Self-Love. This is the foundational step that empowers you to truly create a life you totally love, a life crafted on your own terms rather than the expectations of others.

    Module #3

    Shift #2

    Choosing to choose a shift in perspective

    Here we focus on learning how to make conscious choices, so that your own emotional wellbeing and your ability to create your chosen life path is not triggered by all the well-meaning people who unintentionally pull you off centre. You will learn how to take a stand for what is important to you and discover how to hold fast to your true path.

    Module #4

    Shift #3

    Being comfortable with who you are

    This shift will inspire you to discover who you truly are and also who you are not so that you can stand tall -- unapologetically walking forward in your life with confidence, grace, and ease.

    Module #5

    Shift #4 & 5

    Knowing that it is all about you & knowing that it is never about you

    In this module we unravel and try to understand one of life’s greatest entanglements. The fact that everything you do is ultimately about you and is therefore your responsibility. But at the same time everything that anyone else says or does even if directed at you is, and can only be, about them and is their responsibility.

    Understanding this paradox allows you the freedom of no longer being affected by other people judging, mocking, or criticizing you. You will have learnt to take back your power, rising above the noise with a deep knowing of what is yours and what is not.

    Module #6

    Shift #6

    Giving up all attachment to meaning and truth

    In module 6 we focus on the concept that truth is a relative term and depending on what is happening on any given day your perspective can change.

    Once you come to accept this, along with establishing your sense of self and knowing who you are, you will no longer be pulled by the constant nagging friction of do’s and don’ts that have constantly dictated your actions in the past. Whether they have come from your upbringing, society at large, your inability to say no or even your distorted view of what is required or expected of you, they have all kept you small.

    Instead now you will begin to make different choices, enabling you to create from a place of true knowing and mastery rather than your old habitual reactions born out of fear and anxiety and the need to get approval.

    Module #7

    Shift #7

    Celebrating everything, accepting it all

    Once you start to get a grip of the first six shifts, where you have discovered who you are and who you want to be. You have learned to make different choices. You have disentangled yourself from other people’s actions and beliefs and your self-love meter is rising.

    You are now primed to create an unbounded life with unlimited potential, with a freedom you have never experienced before. You are now ready to create a life you totally love, that takes into consideration how you’ve always wanted to live and feel and who you’ve always wanted to be. Without feeling circumscribed by old patterns that no longer serve you.

    A new freedom emerges that literally transforms everything that you do to an entirely new way of living.

    Our 2nd Offering ‘The Awakening Series’

    The Awakening Series is for those who want more guidance and more depth, and who like a little more support.

    The Awakening Series is a group training series broken down into 7 weekly sessions.

    It is the Blueprint e-course taught to you by us. Where we dive deep into each shift week by week.

    In the Awakening Series you get everything in The Blueprint PLUS you get US!

    The groups in this series are kept small so that each person has a voice if they so choose.

    There is space to dive deep into the shifts as well as getting your questions answered and support from us and the group as we move through the transformation that ‘The 7 Shifts Method brings.’

    The modules don’t take a lot of your time

    Each week’s module is divided into 5 sections which gives you easy chunks to do each day with 2 days grace. Each day’s assignments will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes with some short videos only being 5 mins long. You have access to one week at a time, but how you break up that week’s work is entirely up to you. You can do it all in one sitting or do a little each day which ever works best for you. As long as it is done by the next Live training session.

    The live training session

    This is a weekly zoom call where we dive more deeply into the shift of the week. It is during these calls that we can iron out any confusion, answer any questions and look at real life scenarios to dissect the shift more thoroughly.

    As you move through this process the way you used to see the world and the people around you will begin to change. You begin to leave the perceptions of blame, fear, and victimhood behind. You begin to not only understand but live the reality that everything happens for you and not to you. That you are truly the creator or your universe and as such that you are responsible for everything that happens to you. And it is our job in ‘The Awakening Series’ to help that process move forward with grace and ease.

    Our 3rd Offering The V.I.P. Transformational Life coaching 'The Power of Self-Love'

    This is the flagship offering and it is for those who want it all.

    It is a 12-week 1 on 1 personal transformational coaching series. With this offering it is all about you and no one else. As we move through the shifts again following The Blueprint you have the luxury of taking as long or as short a time you need on each shift. We can stop to deconstruct the concepts and see how each relates to your life. We have the time to make it personal so that you can embody each shift as we work with your real-life issues in real time.

    And even though we know you’re perfectly smart and capable, we’ll be with you through every single step and guide you through exactly what to do.

    There are 4 main components to the structure of ‘The V.I.P Series’

    · The Blueprint

    · Daily inspirations

    · The live weekly private coaching calls

    . And The coaching portal (Unique to this V.I.P. Series

    The Coaching Portal

    The coaching portal is how and where we communicate with each other during the week.

    You get email reminders to help you stay on track.

    Journals to help you keep your thoughts organized

    For those who want to really dive deep into the material we have a library full of past lessons, recorded teachings, personality assessments and fun snippets all to help you better understand The Shifts, and how best to incorporate them into your life.

    In this 12-week coaching series you will not only Transform your life for ever

    But you will also be able to create it anew again and again

    Creating a life you totally love with grace and ease

    What does it all cost?

    The Tribe is free for all to enjoy.

    And as a Free Tribe member you get crazy extreme discounts on all of our offerings